Stage Two Faja Short Zero Compression on Hips and Buttocks Ref:S839
Stage Two Faja Short Zero Compression on Hips and Buttocks Ref:S839
Stage Two Faja Short Zero Compression on Hips and Buttocks Ref:S839
Stage Two Faja Short Zero Compression on Hips and Buttocks Ref:S839
Stage Two Faja Short Zero Compression on Hips and Buttocks Ref:S839

Stage Two Faja Short Zero Compression on Hips and Buttocks Ref:S839

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The Hourglass (BBL) Short Length Stage Two Faja from Waistrainer UK is not just a post-surgical garment; it's a comprehensive solution designed to accelerate your recovery with grace and efficiency. This meticulously constructed faja brings a plethora of benefits to the forefront, ensuring your journey towards healing and body enhancement is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Key features and benefits include:

- **Inflammation Reduction**: Specifically crafted to decrease tissue inflammation and prevent fluid retention, facilitating a quicker and healthier healing process.

- **Hypoallergenic Cotton Lining:** Ensures a comfortable, irritation-free experience and prevents sweating, providing added comfort and breathability.

- **Skin and Muscle Adherence**: Important for the recovery stage, this faja encourages the skin to adhere to the muscle tissues, shaping the body and ensuring optimal results from your procedure.

- **Firm Control with Adjustability**: With its four rows of hooks and eyes, this garment supports size adjustments as your body reduces swelling and loses weight post-surgery. Additionally, its design includes three adjustable hooks and eyes on thick shoulder straps, offering unparalleled comfort and support.

- **Silicone Anti-Roll Lace and Open-Crotch Design**: Ensures the faja stays in place without rolling, while the open-crotch feature adds convenience for bathroom use.

- **Stage Two Compression**: This faja is essential for reducing swelling, flattening the abdomen, and sculpting the figure after surgery. Constructed with elastic and Powernet materials combined with a soft Lycra inner layer, it guarantees utmost smoothness and comfort.

- **Postpartum Transformation**: Not limited to post-surgical use, it's equally effective for postpartum body shaping, capable of reducing and refining your figure within seconds.

- **Climate-Adaptable Fabrics**: Made with soft, fresh, and elastic materials that ensure comfort in any climate, and the back support promotes proper posture to alleviate back pain.

- **Seamless Under Clothing**: Designed with flat seams, this faja enhances your body naturally and remains invisible under any outfit.

- **Quality and Tradition**: A custom design by Waistrainer UK, manufactured in Colombia, symbolizing quality and expertise in post-surgical and body shaping garments.

The Hourglass (BBL) Short Length Stage Two Faja is a testament to Waistrainer UK's commitment to your wellness and beauty. It’s an essential item for anyone in the post-surgical recovery phase or seeking a transformative postpartum solution. Trust in our dedication to your comfort and aesthetic aspirations during this critical period of recovery and transformation.

Embrace your journey with the confidence that you're supported by the best.

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